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Church publicity

A4 posters from two consecutive years advertising Cambridge Presbyterian Church, these were placed around the city by church members.

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Cambridge students run a coffee bar for international language students.

The A6 flyer features a design inspired by the coffee colours and the metal tray rails you can find in Cambridge's numberous and very popular coffee shops.

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The Great Escape

An A5 leaflet advertising a children's event at Bethel Presbyterian Church Cardiff.

The flyer features a design inspired by the event's subject; Israel's exodus from Egypt.

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These fruit box labels were designed for Dan Mackelden Ltd for labelling their fresh produce which is supplied to a number of London markets.

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We Recycle

A full colour advert designed for Environment First Ltd and circulated in the Fresh Produce Journal.

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Road to Rome

Designed for Cambridge Inter-collegiate Christian Union, this was one of two large format posters designed for display in students rooms.

The A2 poster is made up of a series of quotations from the New Testament book of Romans arranged in the form of a motorway sign and features a photomontage of original photography of Rome.

Graphic design for print by Matt Hopkins

Matt Hopkins provides graphic design services for printed material, everything from posters and flyers to booklets and brochures, from illustrations and photography to journal adverts and cover design.

Design Process

1. Brief: Once you have contacted Matt Hopkins with your proposal and your requirements clarified, you will be issued with a quote.

2. Draft design: When the quotation has been agreed, you will receive one or two draft ideas, these can be revised or redrafted as necessary.

3. Further development: If you are happy with the draft design, it will be worked up to a high quality standard until you are entirely satisfied with the finished result.

4. Finalising: After you have signed off the final design, you will receive the completed artwork in your required formats. Final payment will be required at the end of a project.


Prices are quoted on a project by project basis depending on the size and complexity of your proposal.

Email your proposal to Matt Hopkins.

More information

Poster Design

Recent graphic design projects & clients

  • "Industrialization and National Prosperity" by Lawrence U. Ekeh - Book cover & poster.

  • "Believe it...or not!" by Michael Jennings - Book cover design & promotional material.

  • "Born to Survive: A True-life Story" by Maureen Spelman - Book cover design.

  • Cheltenham Evangelical Presbyterian Church - Flyers.

  • Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union - Posters, flyers and leaflets.

  • Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, Bounds Cross, Biddenden - Leaflets.

  • Cambridge Presbyterian Church - Posters and flyers.

  • Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff - Posters and flyers.

  • Ukrainian & Russian Translation Services - Business card design.

  • Dan Mackelden Ltd - Produce label design.

  • Environment First Ltd - Journal advertisement.

  • Smarden Parish Design Statement - Cover design and layout.